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Dry Cleaning in San Diego, CA

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Dry Cleaning in San Diego, CA

Dry Cleaning Services in San Diego, CA

At our Serra Mesa Laundry & Cleaners location, our goal is to supply you with the highest quality garment dry cleaning in San Diego, CA, as well as tailoring and laundry services. We understand that families are now busier than ever and they need to find ways to manage their time and responsibilities at home. When it comes to reliable, affordable, and convenient dry cleaning, Serra Mesa Laundry & Cleaners is your undeniable, unbeatable choice. Contact us today with any questions.

Fashion Dry Cleaning Services

  • Detailing - includes preparing the garments for cleaning by measuring for blocking when required, button or ornament protection or removal, evaluating for serviceability, identifying stains for treating, inspecting for damage and loose seams, and more.
  • Stain Removal - is performed by experienced professionals using both soaking and individual stain removal techniques, many of which are proprietary.
  • Cleaning - procedures include dry cleaning, wet cleaning, and hand cleaning, and utilize extensive classification, customized programs, and only the purest of solvents.
  • Inspection - of each garment is formally performed at the individual item level and again at order completion to assure that we have provided the finest in craftsmanship and attended to your preferences. Intermediate inspections occur throughout the production process to assure, for instance, that stains have been removed and will not be set with the heat of finishing.
  • Packaging - of most garments is performed by individually protecting with a poly bag. We make extensive use of tissue, custom hangers and specially designed breathable garment bags and boxes to protect garments during storage.
Laundry Services in San Diego, CA

Alterations & Tailoring

Whether your clothing is old or new, or if they are expensive designer items or hand-me-downs, anything in your wardrobe will look better on you when it actually fits. It doesn't matter what you say or do, if your clothes fit you poorly — it is almost impossible to recover from a bad first impression.

At Serra Mesa Laundry & Cleaners, we have the answer. Our highly-skilled tailors and seamstresses will provide alterations to help with any issue you may have. We are fast and friendly, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. We take pride in our work and want you to look your best. Call today and let us do our trademark high-quality work on your clothes.

Alterations We Offer (Men, Women & Kids Clothing):

  • Buttons Replaced
  • Zippers Repaired & Replaced
  • Pants Shortened or Lengthened
  • Pant Waists Let Out or Taken In
  • Pants Tapered (Legs)
  • Jacket Sleeves Shortened & Lengthened
  • Jacket Linings Repaired or Replaced
  • Jackets Taken In or Let Out (Torso)
  • Dresses or Skirts Shortened or Lengthened
  • Dresses or Skirts Taken In or Let Out
  • Shirt Sleeves Shortened
  • Shirt Sides Taken-In (Tapered)
  • & Much, Much More

Tailoring Materials

Alterations in San Diego, CA

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